All Its Name Implies - Fire, Ash, & the Resilience of Paradise w/ Ev Durán
Director Ev Durán presents

All Its Name Implies - Fire, Ash, & the Resilience of Paradise w/ Ev Durán

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Out of the ashes, a community attempts to rebuild after the devastating Camp Fire

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Post-movie Q&A with

Director Ev Durán

This is a feature-length documentary film that focuses on the resilient residents of Paradise, California as they attempt to rebuild their beloved community in the aftermath of the devastating Camp Fire, which tore through the town on November 8th, 2018. The film features exclusive interviews with over forty residents and local leaders, and viewers will hear directly from the people who lived through that intensely fateful day, while also getting a glimpse at some of the history and culture of the town, and what makes it so special.

The film is directed by Ev Durán, a Paradise High School graduate and four-time Emmy-winning producer, cinematographer, and editor. As someone who grew up in the town, Durán hopes this film can present a unique perspective that might otherwise be lacking from the plethora of other film and video productions that have emerged from this tragedy. One of Durán’s primary goals with this film is to raise money for the town of Paradise through screenings and online rentals and sales.

Venue Information:
Crest Theatre
1013 K St
Sacramento, CA, 95814