Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk

Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk

Destroy Boys

Fri, September 1, 2017

7:30 pm

Crest Theatre

Sacramento, CA

$8 - $10 (including facilities fee)

Destroy Boys will perform at around 7 pm, The Movie at 7:30 pm, Then Q&A after the movie with:
Corbett Redford (Director / Producer of Turn It Around)
Melissa Dale (Camera Operator / Story Editor on Turn It Around)
Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds, Go National, Song Forge)
Robert Eggplant (Blatz, Absolutely Zippo)

Q&A Moderated by Danny Secretion (Secretions, The Moans, Beyond Geek)

What a Night!!!

Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk
Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk
TURN IT AROUND: THE STORY OF EAST BAY PUNK spans over 30 years of the California Bay Area’s punk music history with a central focus on the emergence of Berkeley's inspiring 924 Gilman Street music collective. Directed by Corbett Redford, narrated by Iggy Pop and executive produced by Green Day, Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk is the definitive telling of this vibrant story, drawing from a wide variety of voices and viewpoints and featuring the music of many of the most famous and infamous punk bands ever.
Those participating in the documentary include past and current members of: 924 Gilman, Maximumrocknroll, Lookout Records, Green Day, Rancid, Neurosis, Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine, Yeastie Girlz, Stikky, Samiam, Jawbreaker, Isocracy, Kamala and the Karnivores, Beatnigs, NOFX, Primus, Metallica, Bikini Kill, Bad Religion, Soup, Sweet Baby, Special Forces, Deadly Reign, Christ On Parade, Corrupted Morals, Mr. T Experience, Victims Family, The Lookouts, Monsula, Cringer, Spitboy, Blatz, Filth, Econochrist, Fifteen, Pinhead Gunpowder, Tilt, Pansy Division, Dead Kennedys, Avengers, Fugazi, Flipper, 7 Seconds, Fang, Angry Samoans, Nuisance, Screeching Weasel, Engage, Dicks, Subhumans, The Tubes, Boo Hss Pfft, Verbal Abuse, The Vagrants, Schlong, The Gr'ups, The Tourettes, Pinhead Gunpowder, Tribe 8, Kwik Way, Social Unrest, White Trash Debutantes, Outpunk, DMR, Psycotic Pineapple, Black Fork, Sawhorse, The Skinflutes, The List, Sacrilege BC, No Dogs, Gag Order and more.
Destroy Boys
Destroy Boys is a three piece rock and roll band from Sacramento, CA. Songs consist of vocals by Alexia Roditis, guitar/backups by Vi Mayugba, and drums by a lot of different folks. Destroy Boys is signed by Uncool Records. We love having a good time.

The band was started in October of 2015, and has been kicking it ever since. Destroy Boys has received praise in Rolling Stone, Submerge Magazine, Sacramento Bee, and more. Destroy Boys received two 2017 SAMMIE awards in the Best Punk/Post Punk Band and Teen band categories, as well as a nomination for the Best New Artist category.
Venue Information:
Crest Theatre
1013 K Street
Sacramento, CA, 95814