"Frequently Asked Questions "

The Crest Sacramento Theatre closely monitors the public health guidance and best practices related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Local rates of Covid-19 cases and vaccination for Covid-19 significantly impact our practices; therefore, they are subject to modification as indicated. By purchasing a ticket, you expressly agree to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations and ordinances, and the rules of Crest Sacramento Theatre. The following policies are subject to change – all ticket holders will receive updates and reminders before the event.


Will I have to be vaccinated to attend events at The Crest Sacramento Theatre?

Proof of vaccination is on a show-by-show basis. We will let you know if it is required to attend the event you plan to attend. Currently, the State of California is not requiring proof of covid-19 vaccination for gatherings under 1000 people. Some acts require proof of vaccination to attend their shows; we will be enforcing their request.  The Crest Sacramento and its staff believe vaccinations are an essential component of public health, and we strongly recommend that all event attendees be vaccinated. We require all event attendees to wear face-coverings, whether vaccinated or not, to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.  All staff and volunteers are vaccinated.

Will I have to wear a mask to attend events at The Crest Sacramento?

Face Coverings are required to enter the Crest Sacramento Theatre.  All staff and volunteers are required to wear a mask. The Crest Sacramento Theatre will have a limited number of face coverings available upon request. Details on mask requirements will be communicated in the event reminder emails, so please be on the lookout for those emails.

Will there be food available at events?

We will be selling beverages and snacks during events. Eating and drinking are permitted in the lobby and inside the auditorium. Outside food and drinks are prohibited.

If I am feeling sick on the day of the concert, can I get a refund?

Yes, The Crest Sacramento Theatre will offer refunds to ensure compliance with all health and safety policies. You can also opt for a voucher for a future concert or event. These vouchers will not expire.

Will events be sold at 100% capacity?

All events at The Crest Sacramento Theatre will be sold at a 100% capacity of 925 seats.

What additional safety protocols has The Crest Sacramento Theatre put in place?

The heating, cooling, and ventilating (HVAC) system increases the fresh air supply by bringing in outside air and filtering out the inside air.  Additionally, a new contactless ticket scanning technology improves efficiency, health, and safety.  Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the venue.   Extra ushers are available to assist with traffic flow in the lobby, in concessions, and near the restrooms.  The Theatre utilizes CDC-recommended cleaning practices before, during, and after shows.  Especially the cleaning of “high touch” surfaces such as door handles, counters & dispensers.

The Crest Sacramento has returned to regular scheduled programing. please visit our Events Page to see our current schedule. If you purchased tickets to an event that was canceled or postponed and you have questions please email us at: aaron@crestsacramento.com

Or Call us at 916-476-3356

The COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc on the entertainment industry. The Crest Sacramento’s doors have been closed since March 16th, 2020. We have been doing our best to follow mandated gathering restrictions and gathering guidelines to follow the CDC and the States safety requirements. We also have been doing our best to move shows and be ready for when it is safe to gather again.  


  1. STOP ASKING FOR REFUNDS – the more we have to refund, the less available resources we have to restart operations when the time comes. We will & do offer vouchers for canceled and postponed shows that can be used for future shows. 
  2. Tell your friends to “STOP ASKING FOR REFUNDS”
  3. Support the Crest by purchasing New Crest Merchandise & Movie Passes in our online store.
  4. Support the ongoing Crest GoFundMe; this is a general donation to help keep us going during these trying times.

Due to COVID-19, we have had to reduce our staffing and office hours. It has proven difficult to keep up with the volume of phone messages. The best way to contact us at this time is via email at aaron@crestsacramento.com We will be answering emails in the order they come in and do our best to field question in a timely manner.

Due to COVID-19 gathering restriction and mandated gathering restrictions, we are unsure of the exact date & time we will be opening again. We are making every effort to stay in compliance with state and county health and safety recommendations. If you are a ticket holder for a currently scheduled event and your event is canceled or postponed, we will email you about your ticketing options.

If you have questions email us at info@crestsacramento.com

We are sorry for the over site. 

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